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Sipla Lawn Care is a professional Lawn Care and Property Maintenance company servicing Southwest Michigan. Sipla Lawn Care is committed to being the best, most trustworthy, and professional company in the area. Specializing in many areas of your property from basic lawn maintenance to customized patios and landscaping designed to make your property stand out. Please checkout all of our services and request a free quote today!     

OWNER: Andrew Sipla

At 14 years old the idea of owning my own company was just a mere thought, although even at a young age I knew that would one day become a reality. I began mowing neighboring properties at that point with an old riding lawn mower. At age 15 I purchased my first vehicle, and at 16 a commercial lawn mower. Being in high school time to work was limited and the ability to grow seemed impossible. When I finally graduated at the age of 18 I set out to own a real company starting with a DBA and commercial business insurance. Finally things began to take flight! The very next year business was growing faster than I could keep up with and I quickly began to learn the ways of running a business. With a lot of hard work and dedication Sipla Lawn Care is now one of the most professional and respected lawn care companies in the area. I am working hard everyday to provide the best and most professional service out there. Give us a call today and lets talk about your future home investments!               

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